What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud based accountancy software solution (internet based) that is very easy to use and allows clients to get a better understanding of how their business is performing.

You can access Xero from anywhere at any time, you can even get Xero apps for your smartphone and tablet. We strongly encourage all of our clients to use Xero to maintain their accounting records and to raise invoices for the services they provide as it saves them time and money.


It's a No Brainer!! 10 reasons why you should use Xero in partnership with Titanium Accountants:

  • It's Free! We include Xero software free of charge within all our fees packages.
  • Expert Training, also free! – for a limited time only we are offering free Xero training by our team who are experts in using the Xero software.
  • Unlimited Support – you can contact us for support through the software, you will also have at your disposal the most comprehensive online help centre library you can ever imagine or you can request help from the Xero team direct!
  • Regular Free Upgrades - Unlike traditional static accounting software such as Sage, this software will automatically update so there is no need to buy upgrade software at any point and therefore there are no additional costs.
  • Free transfer from existing software – we will set you up on Xero and transfer the data from your existing software into Xero to provide a seamless transition.
  • Access from Anywhere - You can access Xero from anywhere via the internet, there is even a smart phone and tablet app available for it. This allows you to literarily raise an invoice on the move or from anywhere.
  • User Friendly - Unlike other traditional accounting software, Xero is aimed at the business owner so is very simple to use. Even if you don't think you are good with computers, with our free training you will be able to use Xero in no time.
  • No Back Up Headaches – as Xero is in the cloud, you never need to worry about backing up your data, if your office burns down for instance, your accounts and data is safe in the cloud!
  • One Size fits all – Xero is scalable and designed to grow with your business and is suitable for every business, from a one man company through to a multi-site, multi-currency business.
  • Automatic Bank Feeds - Xero automatically pulls in banking information from your bank to save you valuable time and money. If your account is not compatible with the direct bank feed, it's as easy to upload a csv file that you download from your internet banking.

We provide free online demonstrations of the Xero software so you can see for yourself the power and the efficiencies that Xero will deliver for your business.

For more information on Xero and a free demonstration please email xero@titanium-accountants.com